Investment Services in Saskatoon, SK

Professional investment advice and portfolio construction provide the benefit of mitigating risks and optimizing your objectives. At Comeau Financial, we provide a comprehensive range of services and solutions to help you make informed decisions and create a working strategy.

Alternative Investments Compass and Map

Alternative Investments:

One way to reduce investment risks is to provide clients with a diverse portfolio, with a variety of different investment opportunities. As such, we offer a wide range of investments, including traditional equity funds, balanced funds, bond funds and GIC’s, as well as a number of unique real estate and alternative investments. Our clients can reap the benefits of maximum diversification, potentially higher returns, monthly or quarterly income streams, and potentially less volatility.

There are various alternative investment opportunities available, such as private equity, real estate, private lending, mortgages, farmland, small businesses, hedge funds, land development projects, and commodities. As long as you have a corporate account or registered plan, you can pick any of these options.

Retired Planning

Retirement Planning:

Using sophisticated planning software, we help our clients to create reasonable retirement and financial goals, identify income sources, and create viable plans and strategies. Our team helps to create attainable objectives and provide information on how to save for your retirement.

Whatever investment services you need, Comeau Financial has a team of trained and experienced experts that evaluate your options and provide meaningful recommendations.